DIGNU is a small open crown with the brim turn-up. DIGNU in ancient Italian Umbrian means “to be worthy”. This hat is dedicated to all those people who fear they don’t deserve relationships, happiness, or some risky choices. This hat is dedicated to all the people who feel they finally deserve happiness.

It’s a 100% rabbit felt 120 gr. The stiffening ratio is about 2.5% in brim and crown. The material is waterproof: it can resist to high level of humidity such as dew and drizzle. Under downpour it can get out of the shape. The crown is 10 cm and the wave brim 5 cm with lapel. 

If you don’t know your head size, don’t worry: we can plan for you a free call session. In 10 minutes you can get your size and have more info about your favorite jcosky hats. Remember to bring with you the tape measure. If you want to customize one from a blank page, this is the right place to do that.